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Service Agrement

Terms of Service


This contract is between Airborne K9 Dog Training (the "Business") and The Client (the "Client"). 

Client agrees to the terms and conditions outlined in this service agreement with Airborne K9. 


Airborne K9’s General Terms and Conditions for All Clients

Training Expectations

Your assigned canine training and behavior specialist and all Airborne K9 Training Staff will make every reasonable effort to help you and your dog achieve your training goals. Training does not guarantee exact results. Every dog is an individual and learns in different ways. The Airborne K9 training programs can provide the average results that can be achieved with most dogs as an example of what your dog may be capable of achieving but cannot promise your dog will be able to perform or achieve any or all of the desired behaviors.

Additional Expenses

You may be charged for any expenses required for the adequate training and care of your individual pet. Certain behavioral problems may require special equipment to safely address and obtain the optimal training progress. Airborne K9 staff may recommend over the counter or veterinary treatment for any medical condition or illness during your pet's stay. You may provide the recommended medication or products, or you may be charged for the purchase of these products as required by the Airborne K9 staff.

Safety Equipment

Airborne K9 staff may require the use of specific equipment during training to ensure the safety of all persons and dogs involved. Certain training equipment for changing behavior is optional, however Airborne K9 staff reserves the right to deny or refuse training if you refuse to use the required safety equipment for your dog. Safety equipment may include, but not limited to slip leash, martingale collar, muzzle, command collar, protective clothing or gloves, specialized kennels or containment, and any other equipment deemed necessary.

Severe Behavior Modification Cases

Airborne K9 reserves the right to deny or terminate services for any pet with behavior that we deem too severe for our boarding program. Airborne K9 is still a small training facility and our in- home style board and train programs my not be suitable for some severe behavior modification cases. Clients may be provided the option to transition to a different type of training program as recommended by the assigned trainer or may be refunded a pro-rated amount for any remaining length of training program in the event a program is partially completed.

Payment for services already completed may not be refunded. Deposits for training programs will not be refunded, but may be transferred to a different type of program, or product.

Personal Items

Personal items may be left only at your own risk. Any personal items left with your pet should be clearly labeled with at least your pet's name and preferably your name as well prior to drop-off. We are not responsible for loss or damage of any personal items. For your pet's safety, we do not allow rawhides or tennis balls as these can be choking hazards. We reserve the right to refuse any items at our discretion. We also do not allow any tags on flat collars or training collars that may be deemed a choking or strangulation hazard. Airborne K9 may refuse to use any training equipment, collars, remote collars, or leashes provided if the equipment is deemed unsafe or inappropriate for the training of your pet. Your pet will not have any comfort items in their kennels while unsupervised including bedding, pillows, toys, crate pads, or chew items.

Your pet will not wear any training equipment(except e-collar or muzzle if applicable), harness, collars, clothing, or have any long lasting treats or chews, toys, or other items in their kennel while unsupervised.

Leash Laws

All pets will be on leash on all Airborne K9 properties, while entering and exiting any vehicle, while attending any Airborne K9 Hosted Event, and while entering and exiting any training facility. Clients may only remove their pet’s leash when their pet is inside of their kennel, inside their personal vehicle, or when dictated by their assigned training staff member in an enclosed or fenced-in area as required by Federal, State, and County Leash Laws.

Grooming Standards

Your dog is expected to arrive to training groomed, clean, and free of excess dirt, urine, feces, or soiled fur. Your dog should be free of matted or knotted hair unless in accordance with your breed's grooming standards (i.e. corded coated breeds). Your dog should be groomed to prevent any interference with training to include excess hair preventing the dog from being able to see, hear, or move appropriately. Your dog should not have long nails, (nails that touch the ground while walking), or excessive hair between paw pads. Some dogs may require sanitary trims to prevent accumulation of urine or feces around their genital areas. Dogs who do not require regular trims should not be shaved so as to expose them to heat or cold injuries.

If your dog arrives to training without meeting these grooming standards, your dog's training may be postponed until you are able to have your dog groomed.
There is a possibility that Airborne K9 may determine that your pet may require grooming to remain healthy and free of any injury or health conditions. If you require any specialized grooming, you must inform Airborne K9 prior to your pet's stay. Regular brushing is included at no charge, however if your pet requires bathing, including shampoo and/or conditioner, an additional fee of $60 per bath may be charged to the client. This is most common for pets requiring potty training as part of their training program.

Grooming training: In the event your dog is not properly groomed because of a behavioral issue preventing proper grooming, explain the circumstances to our training staff to establish an exception to policy and to include grooming and handling training as part of your dog's training plan. This will be the priority of training until your dog can meet Airborne K9's grooming standards.


All pets must be free from communicable disease or parasites, and be in generally good health to participate in training. Owners must make Airborne K9 staff aware of any known injuries or conditions that your pet may have. Your pet's training may be postponed or rescheduled in the event of any medical condition that may interfere with training.

Boarding and training can be stressful for some dogs and may aggravate or expose underlying medical problems during their stay. We will notify the owners immediately in the event of any medical injury, illness, or concern. Airborne K9 staff may provide first aid for non-life threatening conditions and may continue training unless the condition interferes with the successful training of your pet. You may be asked to pick up your pet if a medical condition is interfering with your pet's ability to participate in training and you will be able to continue training once your pet is healthy. You must provide an emergency contact who would be available to pick up your pet if you plan to be out of town during your dog's training program.


Required vaccines for dogs are Rabies (at least every 36 months, DHLPP (every 12 months) bordetella (intranasal every 6 months or injection every 12 months). In order to board your pet for board and train or Day School programs, you must show documentation from a licensed veterinarian that verifies all vaccinations are current. If any vaccinations are past due, your pet must be vaccinated prior to the first visit for his/her protection, as well as for the protection of others. All puppies must have completed their first full set of vaccinations in order to stay.


All pets must be free from external (e.g. fleas, ticks) and internal (e.g. hookworms, roundworms, flat worms, and tapeworms) parasites. Dogs that are heartworm positive must but on a current treatment plan under the supervision of a veterinarian to attend training. All dogs must have a current negative fecal test within 6 months of training, and a negative heart worm test within 12 months of training (exceptions can be made for heart worm positive dogs who are currently being treated).


Airborne K9 will administer any basic required medications to your pet(s) at no additional charge. Special or non-standard medication methods may incur a fee for administration (e.g. prescription shampoo). Only medication prescribed by a licensed veterinarian and appropriately labeled will be given. If medications need to be filled or refilled, please coordinate this with your vet prior to your pet's stay. Airborne K9 may recommend stopping certain medications prior to your dog's training program (under the supervision and approval of a veterinarian) if we believe the medication will interfere with your dog's training progression.

Medical Emergencies

Client agrees: “I hereby grant permission to Airborne K9 to obtain emergency veterinary treatment for my pet at my expense.” If your pet should require medical care, you agree to be solely responsible for the payment of all medical bills for your pet and you release Airborne K9, its owner, and staff from any and all responsibility for, or claims, damages, and/or debts, arising out of such medical care, including, but not limited to, transportation to and from the veterinarian facility/hospital, treatment, medications, procedures, and testing.

We will attempt to contact you to notify you of your pet's status prior to seeking veterinary assistance. However, should the condition be deemed life threatening, of contagious nature, of a nature that will worsen without treatment, or of a dangerous nature, supportive treatment will be performed by our team and either you primary veterinarian or the closest emergency veterinary facility.


We will make every effort to use your dog's regular dry dog food for training. However, we routinely feed a premium chicken based dog food appropriate for the age and breed of your pet as needed. We will provide the type of food we deem appropriate for your pet if you do not provide your own food. To help ensure your pet avoids an upset stomach, we highly recommend you provide your pet's standard food of choice. You will be charged retail price for food provided for your dog’s training. If you are providing a diet from home or request a specific instructions, please provide a detailed diet plan to your assigned trainer.

Service Dogs

Airborne K9's service dog program is intended to develop dog training skills to allow dogs to gain public access and perform tasks to alleviate a symptom(s) of a diagnosed disability. The training of service dogs requires an understanding of the disabled person's medical condition(s) and treatment to best provide adequate training. Service dogs trained by Airborne K9 are not intended to be life-saving medical devices and should not be solely relied upon for life-threatening conditions. 

Please review the Airborne K9 Service Dog Program terms and service.


Airborne K9 training staff are required to send a minimum of one written and one visual training update to include text, email, video, photo, or other media per week. Airborne K9 staff is not expected to respond to any communications before or after normal work hours. 

Photo, video, and audio Media

Airborne K9 may photograph and or record any client or pets during training, and such media may be used for public viewing in social media posts, informational documents, and advertising. All images and records shared with you are able to shared publicly even if the media was not originally released for public dissemination. 

Boarding-Only Clients

Dogs who are boarding with Airborne K9 and have not completed a training program with an Airborne K9 Trainer are not expected to learn any new skills or obedience commands during their stay. Airborne K9 staff will make every reasonable effort to maintain any known skills or behaviors during your dog’s stay but does not guarantee any level of training during a boarding time period.

Clients who have completed training with Airborne K9 will receive limited refresher training during your dog’s stay. Airborne K9 staff will make every reasonable effort to maintain your dog’s level of training from the time they arrive for boarding until the completion of their stay. Any training your dog receives during boarding is not guaranteed to remedy or improve behavior that is the result of failure to maintain obedience skills at home. We will do our best to address any pressing training concerns during your dog’s stay. 

Long-Term Boarding Clients

Long term boarding is defined as any boarding longer than 29 days. Long term boarding clients must agree to a payment schedule beginning at the time of drop off, and must make a minimum payment of 50% of the monthly rate agreed upon for boarding at the time of drop-off. Boarding will be paid for at least at the beginning of each month of boarding, but may be split into weekly or bi-weekly payments upon request. 

Payments must be received by the agreed upon payment due-date/time. Payments more than 5 days late will incur a $10 per day late fee. If a payment is more than 15 days late without communicating with Airborne K9 the reason for the absence of payment, your dog may be surrendered to the shelter as an abandoned dog. In the event of a financial hardship that may prevent you from making payment, please communicate with Airborne K9 at your earliest knowledge of the situation and we will make every effort to develop a payment plan that works for you.

Service Dog Contract

Training Expectations and Requirements

Your service dog has been in training for months or years prior to being assigned to you. Once a dog is selected for you, there will be an approximately 60 day training period during which your dog will learn the specific tasks that your disability requires. This training period may be potentially extended based on the complexity of the task to be trained.

Preparation Training Period (Task Training / approximately 60 days)

During this period, you as the prospective handler will be required to participate in twice weekly lessons to learn how to be a service dog handler and how to properly care for your new service dog. Your service dog will remain at Airborne K9 during this training period. 

Once your dog has mastered the skills needed to perform the medically necessary tasks that you require and you have attended lesson twice each week during this time period, and you have demonstrated the dedication and knowledge required to property handle and care for your new service dog, you will now be able to take your service dog home with you.

6 Month Probationary Period

The first 6 months that your service dog lives with you will be your probationary period. During this time you will be expected to participate in a minimum of two lessons each month, but are encouraged to participate in weekly lessons with your new service dog. 

You will be required to practice your dog’s skills on a regular basis to continue to maintain their proficiency on all skills and tasks. During this period you may be asked to record your training sessions and provide updates on your experiences with your dog. 

Lifetime Support

Once you have completed the 6 month probationary period, you will be required to return to Airborne K9 at a minimum once every six months for refresher training, health checkup, and to have your dog’s skills, behavior, and tasks re-evaluated. You are encouraged to continue regular training with your service dog, and you are encouraged to participate in training at Airborne K9 as needed. 

Health and Veterinary Care

Once you have received your dog, you are required to visit a licensed veterinarian with your dog to establish care within the 7 business days of receiving your service dog. You will be responsible with all costs associated with the health care, veterinary care, grooming, and dietary nutrition your service dog requires once your dog is in your care. 

Failure to maintain your dogs health, updated vaccinations (rabies, DHLPP, Bordatella), grooming standards, dental care, nail trimming, ear cleaning, healthy diet and breed appropriate weight, may result in the removal of the service dog from your care. If your service dog is removed from your care for any failure to maintain their health, grooming, hygiene, and nutritional needs, you will be ineligible for any refunds. 

Leash Laws

All states and counties have leash laws that prohibit your dog from being off-leash on public or commercial property until otherwise posted. Your service dog must be on leash at all times when not enclosed in a fenced-in area or on your private property. Although your dog is a service dog and trained to be able work on and off-leash, you and your dog are not exempt from leash laws, unless the situations meets the exception based on the Federal and State ADA guidelines.

Cost and Payments

The cost of each service dog varies based on each individual dog’s level of training, breeding, original acquisition cost, and complexity of tasks. If you are selected as a potential service dog future handler, an initial deposit of $500 to have your dog begin the 60 Task Training period during which you will begin to participate in the training with your future service dog. 50% of the total cost of your service dog must be paid 30 days prior to the anticipated date that you will receive your dog. The total cost (100%) of your dog must be paid by the date that you receive your service dog.


You agree to hold Airborne K9 owner, staff, and trainers harmless and blameless for conditions that often are unavoidable in training and boarding/daycare environments, including, but not limited to minor injury, skin irritation, weight gain or loss, rough hair coat, kennel cough, upper respiratory infection, and diarrhea. You understand the risks of communal boarding, daycare, and training in which animals housed in close proximity can sometimes lead to injuries or spreading of illnesses.

You also agree to accept and assume, without limitation, all risks associated with my participation in the training program, including, but not limited to: the risks of any and all injuries to myself, my dog, and any other persons and/or dogs involved; and the risks of saliva, urine, feces, water, food, and/or other debris may be present in the training area. I have read and understand all Airborne K9 training and safety policies and agree to abide by them.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that you need to cancel or reschedule, you must contact any Airborne K9 staff member to reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. Airborne K9 reserves the right to charge a $20 rescheduling fee for any appointment rescheduled less than 24 hours prior. If you require to cancel or reschedule your appointment less than one hour prior to the appointment time, or if you fail to attend your scheduled training appointment you forfeit that training session and any payments made for the missed training.

Refund Policy

All deposits are non-refundable. Payments made for training that has not been completed may be refunded at a pro-rated amount. In the event a training program is partially completed, a pro-rated amount for the portion of training not completed may be refunded. Any product purchased that is soiled, damaged, or destroyed due to negligence or malicious intent may not be refunded or exchanged. Any product that is defective at the time of purchase or fails within the first 30 days of appropriate use can be exchanged at no cost.

E-Collar Technologies products that carry a manufacturer's warranty will be repaired or replaced by E-Collar Technologies warranty program. All e-collar technologies products should be registered when purchased to ensure warranty coverage.

Client Agrees to the Terms of This Contract

Any payments made to Airborne K9 to include all deposits, service payments, and equipment payments implies the clients agreement to this contract. By scheduling any services, appointments, or training with Airborne K9, the client agrees to the terms of this contract. Client is required to sign this contract prior to attending or participating in any training program at Airborne K9.

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