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Canine Health and Nutrition

Just like in dog training, we can learn to improve our dog's nutrition by learning from the best! Here we will explore some of the proven best nutrition recommendations for your dog to live their happiest, longest, and healthiest life!


Raw Feeding

Proven overall healthiest diet for your dog

A proper and balanced raw feeding regiment can greatly improve your dog's overall health. Raw feeding can prevent or reduce obesity, promote healthy skin and coat, and can even reduce your dog's chances of developing health problems including cancer in the future. Raw feeding takes a lot of knowlege, research, and understanding to ensure your dog is getting all of the nutrients they require, but we can start by simply supplementing your dog's regular diet with small portions of raw.

Not ready to do it all yourself? Don't worry! Get raw shipped to your door!

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Healthy Treats!

The Real Dog Box

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Farm Hounds

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Only Natural Pet

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