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Kelley Ortega

Training Director, Airborne K9 Texas

At Airborne K9, we believe that every dog has the potential to be a well-trained, obedient companion. Kelley has been working with animals for over a decade and has a passion for ensuring every dog reaches their full potential. Through our innovative training techniques and personalized approach, she works to form a deep bond between owner and dog, helping them to communicate effectively and build trust.

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Kelley's Story


Kelley has always enjoyed working with animals. Originally from the mountains of Virginia, she started working with horses and eventually turned it into a full-time job. 

Kelley's interest in dog training started when she adopted Scooter, a senior yellow lab mix from the local animal shelter. Scooter had been at the shelter for over a year and his lack of teeth and his laid-back personality gave Kelley the false idea that he would be an “easy” first dog.

Thus began a string of Scooter the old toothless dog breaking through windows to escape the house and go on personal adventures through creeks and cow fields. Finally, after having to jump in a creek to rescue Scooter from drowning in 15℉ snowy weather Kelley began to research how to train dogs and purchased a crate. 

When Kelley married her husband, Brendan, they moved to Fort Liberty, NC where she had little to do but teach scooter tricks. Not long after,  Kelley got a job at a local Pet Store Chain as a trainer. While she loved training dogs and her clients, she felt unfulfilled by the limitations the retail chain set for the training program. Kelley set out to educate herself further by listening to every podcast on dogs she could and watching videos all while experimenting with new training ideas on Scooter. Eventually, she stumbled upon Airborne K9 and was hooked. The training style and methods Airborne K9 used made sense and Kelley wanted to be a part of it. She reached out to the owner, Ashley Jacobson, and asked for an internship. For weeks, Kelley spent all of her days off at the Airborne K9 training center learning from Ashley.  


During this time, Kelley adopted Gracie, a 12-week-old Golden Retriever Mix. Gracie went to work with Kelley every day and continues to go to most places with her. 


After months of learning from Ashley, Kelley was offered a job as a beginner trainer at Airborne K9 which she took with great enthusiasm. 

Later Kelley was Promoted to being a Trainer and Behavior Specialist and began to collect her client base and started to work from her home In North Carolina


Currently, Kelley is running Airborne K9's Texas location in Copperas Cove. Scooter is learning more tricks every day and recently learned his commands in French. Gracie is continuing to develop into a competitive obedience dog and is currently training to get her BH in IGP as well as continue her training in narcotics detection. 


Kelley enjoys going to the lake with her dogs, going to the gym, and decoying in her free time. 

She continues learning more about dog training through books and other resources. 

You can check out Kelley and her dogs on Instagram @kj.airbornek9 or TikTok.

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