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Why clicker training is great for puppies

What is clicker training?

Clicker Training is a fun and easy way to teach your pup commands and tricks! It’s a way to communicate with the dog on time, every single time they do something you like. Dogs learn in pictures, so capturing the exact moment your dog does something you want them to do is imperative and the clicker does exactly that. The clicker essentially takes a mental snapshot of exactly what the dog was doing at the moment they heard the click!

Puppies' minds are like sponges, they absorb and take in everything very quickly. Every dog needs mental stimulation as well as physical exercise, and puppies are no different. Im sure you’ve noticed, most puppies have an endless amount of energy! At the age of eight to twenty weeks is otherwise known as the imprinting stage. This time is very important for teaching your pup good behaviors and using that excitement and energy is a great way to channel it towards training and laying down a good foundation. Once your dog is clicker conditioned, it makes training and learning new things fun and much quicker.

What is Clicker Conditioning? And How dies it work?

Clicker conditioning simply means that your dog understands that the click means "The reward is coming."

With using the clicker, it’s important that you click at the precise moment to ensure you are letting your dog know exactly what you want. Timing is very important because your dog lives in the present. The clicker can actually help you mark the exact moment your puppy performs the correct behavior without a delay in communication time.

I personally love using the clicker, even though in the beginning it can be a little bit of challenge trying to get the mechanics down. Sometimes, I would click a little too early or sometimes too late. But like with everything else in life, lots of practice makes close to perfection! Remember that being patient and having fun is very important, training sessions should be a good time for both of you and the pup otherwise no one wants to learn. With consistency, the clicker is a great way to teach any dog at any age new obedience commands or tricks!

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