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What are Dog Titles?

So recently, since the whole world is on a “Stay at Home” order, I’ve done a bunch of research into titles you can do with your dog from the comfort of your own home. However, it has come to my attention that many people don’t really understand what dog titles are!

Don’t worry, I didn’t either for a very long time. The funniest part is that my dog had a title long before I even knew what titles were.

Dog Titles

Dog titles are just accomplishments that you and your dog earned together in any of the numerous types of dog competitions. You and your dog can earn titles in anything from obedience, agility, nose work (scent detection), tactical obstacle courses, dock diving, rally obedience, dog parkour… and the list goes on!

With the national level organizations such as the American Kennel Club you can earn titles that add that specific title to your dog’s registered name. It's kind of like adding PhD as a suffix once you complete a doctoral program.

Who do you compete against?

One of the best parts of title programs is that you are only competing against yourself. This means that you participate in the competition and a judge will score your performance.

For most events you must achieve a qualifying score for the first level of difficulty, such as Novice, before competing for the higher levels of difficulty.

But I’ve never done anything like that before!

Getting started is actually really easy! In most events the entry level of the competition is surprisingly easy to prepare for.

One of the most common titles earned by pet dog owners is the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen! This test has 10 events, most of which are simple basic obedience commands coupled with some of the usual distractions you may encounter throughout a normal day.

If your dog knows how to sit, down and walk on a loose leash, you are already well on your way to meeting all of the requirements for the Canine Good Citizen title!

What Titles can I Earn From Home?

While most obedience titles, agility titles, and other are earned at organized dog trial events, with the recent outbreak of Covid-19, more and more people are looking to do more stuff with their dogs at home. Some resources for virtual or cyber titling options are:


Cyber Rally-O - Five levels of fun and challenging rally with many unique exercises.

Musical Freestyle/Heelwork to Music

Cyber Rally-O Dance Division - Something very different - learn mapped pattern dances, no choreography required! In addition to the mapped pattern dances, there is a Free Dance track.

Musical Dog Sport Association

Rally Freestyle Elements - Now offering Freestyle Events, in addition to Rally FrEe! Skills Tests can also be completed via video.

World Canine Freestyle Organization - Mainly a live event venue, but does offer 4 Video Events each year; no live event participation required

Poised for Success Freestyle - Online venue, all skills needed to get started in Musical Freestyle broken down into simple pieces! First three levels of titles involve demonstration of various Freestyle skills as you build from pieces to sequences! Upper levels involve the creation of performances.…

PFS Freestyle Program Promo Video:


VALOR - The Virtual Agility League - Participants can run their own course (as long as it meets the guidelines at each level), video it, and submit it for judging. Dog and handler teams can earn ribbons, titles, and even a Championship in VALOR...all in your own backyard or at a rented training facility.…/VALOR_home.html

Obedience Companion Dog Sports Program - Titling options at the Starter Novice, Novice, and Open Levels.

All regular CDSP titles are available, including versatility, utility, and championships. Teams follow the normal title progression path of qualifying at the lower level before advancing.

Demo Videos Available for CDSP Video Program:

The Non Competitive Obedience Association - a progression-oriented titling program that emphasizes excellence in training

Fenzi TEAM titles

Canine Parkour

All Dogs Parkour - Four titling tracks include Regular, Grand Champion, Premier, and Sequence, plus a Foundation Skills Program. Special Division accommodates older dogs and dogs with physical challenges. Many choices of exercises (no required exercises).

International Dog Parkour Association - titling in outdoor exploration


Do More With Your Dog (Tricks Titles) - video only required for Championship level, the four main levels can be completed with a witness or by video submission

Tricks Titles from PPG and Dognostics


National Association of Treibball Enthusiasts - titles available through video submission

Rally Hybrids

Rally FrEe - (Hybrid of Rally and Musical Freestyle) - Mainly a live event venue, but video entries can be made by groups of 3 handlers within 200 miles of one another, World and Regional video events now offered

K9 RallyFit - Set up like a rally course and with elements of fitness, tricks and obedience/rally

Outdoor Titling Venues

Outdoor Dog - A titling venue that encourages people to spend time outdoors with their canine partners. Offering titles for walking, hiking, swimming, sailing, and camping.

GeoPup Sports - a worldwide, virtual titling organization designed to get people and their pups up and moving.

Venues Offering Titles in Multiple Sports

Pam's Dog Training: Freestyle Trick Titles, Musical Freestyle, Disc Dog

Wag It Games: Shadow Skills, similar to Rally, Dog Ball, similar to Treibball



Do More With Your Dog: Canine Conditioning Fitness Titles

Still need help getting started? Feel free to give us a call or text (910) 364 - 9188 and we can help!

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