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Trainer Highlight!

We are continuously impressed with the ways our trainers continue to learn new skills and dog training techniques to help every dog that comes through our doors!

Tatiana "T" Courtney is no exception! T has been an invaluable member of our team since the moment she first walked through our doors.

T first approached us because she had gotten a puppy toy Austrailian Shepherd named Milo and was interested in training options to make sure she was giving him his best life!

T started volunteering here at Airborne K9 dog training in Fayetteville, NC in March of 2021. She spent much of her weekends cleaning kennels, pottying dogs, and learning about training for Milo.

T immediately discovered her passion for teach Milo all sorts of new skills, and she realized the value of having a dog that she could trust to listen when told to come when called and walk politely at her side.

She continually asked for resources for additional learning outside of her time at our training facility and put in a lot of work with Milo at home.

Eventually T was hired as a training assistant which gave her the opportunity to spend more time at the training facility learning from trainers with other experiences.

As she developed her skills and demonstrated her ability to work with dogs of all breeds with various training goals and learning needs, it was obvious that she was ready to become a full-time trainer!

T continues to demonstrate a continuous desire for dog training and canine psychology knowledge and education.