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The Art of Training Your Dog

Fully train your dog in just six weeks with this revolutionary new method.

The Monks of New Skete, long-time breeders of German shepherds and renowned trainers of all breeds and mixes, have codeveloped a successful new training technique. They and Marc Goldberg, who pioneered the approach, offer you and your canine companion a way forward using a game-changing tool: the invisible leash or electronic collar. Now in paperback, The Art of Training Your Dog presents their compassionate, efficient system along with helpful advice on choosing the best collar. At the right moment, using a light touch―that many humans can’t even feel―strategically refocuses your dog’s attention. This method helps you create effortless teaching moments that tie into your dog’s pack instincts and help strengthen your bond with your dog. In as little as six weeks, your pup can master good leash manners; obey basic commands, such as sit, down, and stay; stop problematic behaviors; and play safely off leash with consistent recall.

100 color photographs

The Art of Training Your Dog

Monks of New Skete, Marc Goldberg


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