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Meet the Airborne K9
Therapy Dogs!

Do you work with an organization that would benefit from a visit with some really sweet and friendly dogs who are just waiting to meet you?



Our therapy dogs are trained and friendly and just happy to meet all of the members of your organization! Our team has certified First Responder Therapy Dogs, as well as Pet Therapy Dogs!


We work with our community to get to know more individuals who may benefit from the joys that dogs bring to all of us! We want to visit you at your convenience!

IMG_0997 2.JPG

"Oh my goodness!!! You and your team were a HIT! I was at the NC State Veterans Home this afternoon and one of the residents stated how much he liked having the dogs there and loved Medic! I showed him the video of the dog jumping on your back and the biggest smile came across his face!

Thank you for the time in bringing the gift of you three dogs to the NCSVH. They and you are very appreciated!"

Cheryle, Events Coordinator NCSVH

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