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Temperament Testing

A Peek Into Your Puppy's Future

Puppy Temperament Test

Based on the research of William Campbell, our temperament testing can determine which puppies are likely to demonstrate dominant or submissive tendencies, behavioral concerns such as aggression or fear, as well as their levels of independence and friendliness. These factors can help determine which pups belong with experienced dog owners, canine professionals, and which pups will do well with first time dog owners.

Litters up to 5 Puppies   $60

Each additional Puppy   $10

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What We Provide

We provide an extensive Temperament Report for each individual puppy in a litter. You can provide this report to your adopters or potential adopters to provide a little more character insight into the dog they are about to take home.


Adult Temperament Testing

Many adoption and foster agencies require that any dogs in the home are temperament tested for the safety of family member and for the proper placement of young children.


Temperament Testing is how we can determine your dog's likely responses to changes in their routine and lifestyle. Expecting a new family member? Interested in fostering a child, or adopting? 

We provide a comprehensive Temperament Test report based on a standardized test to show your dog's responses to common household situations.

Adult Temperament Test     $60 each

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