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Special Skills Training

Your Pet is Extraordinary!

Scent Detection

Anyone and any dog can do it!

We know that your dog is capable of more than many could even imagine.  One of the greatest strengths our dogs have is their ability to detect scents. It is easier than you would believe to teach your dog to identify and communicate to you as their handler that they have found a designated scent. 

Competetive Nosework

This doesn't mean you need to compete, but it is just a category for the specific scents we use for teaching a dog to find odors. If you try it and you enjoy it, we can introduce you to more resources where you could go on to compete if you want! Or do it for fun like we do in our garage.

Narcotics Detection

That's right, if you ever wondered how they teach dogs to find drugs in houses or in luggage, we can teach that also! We use pseudo-scents, (not real narcotics) to imprint dogs on narcotic scents.  

K9 Handler.jpeg


Every Dog is an Athelete

If you have ever seen dogs completing an agility course, running over the A-Aframe, zooming through the tunnels, and weaving in and out of the poles, you can't help but see the pure joy on the dogs' faces. If you're interested in teaching your dog a fun new activity, something that you think they will really enjoy, agility is a great choice!*

*Dog's must be at least one year old to participate in agility training.

Check out our Airborne K9 Agility Center!

Golden Lab Agility.jpeg

Special Tasks Training

Not Just for Service Dogs

We are all busy, wouldn't it be nice if your furry best friend could help out a little around the house?  They absolutely can! We use fun and simple methods to teach your dog to do just about anything. Some tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Flipping light switches

  • Taking off your socks

  • Picking up their toys

  • Fetching objects

  • Opening and closing doors

  • And many more!

If you can teach your pup to open the fridge door and retrieve you a drink while you get some work done (or watch a movie) wouldn't that be awesome?!

Image by Baptist Standaert

Introduction to Protection Sports

For Those Serious About Training

The vast majority of the training that goes into protection training is drive building! Once your dog has the drive for biting tugs and pillows you can start to move on to real protection work. If you are ready to get involved in protection training, get in touch with one of our trainers to find out if your dog has what it takes!*

*Participation is dependent upon an initial temperament test.

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