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North Carolina Board and Train Options

Training That's Right For You


Basic Board and Train

Our fully immersive Board and Train Programs are unique because they allow you to continue to get the most of your program while still being involved in the learning process

  • 3 Weeks of Immersive Training

  • Basic Equipment Bundle

  • Weekly Video Training Guides

  • Weekly Lessons

  • Unlimited Lifetime Refresher Lessons

Intermediate Board and Train

Would you like us to take your dog beyond the basics? The intermediate board and train is more than just the basic skills. During your dog's program we will begin training in public areas, and transitioning your dog into more advanced skills!

  • 4 Weeks of Immersive Training

  • Basic Equipment Bundle

  • Weekly Training Guides

  • Weekly Lessons

  • Unlimted Lifetime Refresher Lessons

  • Public Outings Training

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Advanced Board and Train

Are you looking for some seriously reliable skills and a dog who you can easily live with and train with? The Advanced Obedience Board and Train Program is intended to take your obedience to a higher standard!

  • Includes everything from the Intermediate Board and Train

  • 6 Weeks of Immersive Training

  • Advanced Equipment Bundle

  • Unlimited Private Lessons

  • Public Outings Training

  • Off-Leash Optional (*Requires E-Collar Purchase)

Elite Off-Leash Program

If you've ever wanted to trust your dog off-leash, then the Elite Off-Leash Program is right for you! The Elite Off-Leash Program will teach you and your dog how to be able to be reliable off-leash using the tools and skills necessary. 

  • 8 Weeks Immersive Training

  • Home Pick-up and Drop-off Service*

  • E-Collar Equipment Package

  • Unlimited Private Lessons

  • Public Outings Training

  • Annual 5-Day Immersive Refresher Training

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