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North Carolina Training Services

Training That's Right For You


Board and Train

Our fully immersive Board and Train Programs are unique because they allow you to continue to get the most of your program while still being involved in the learning process

3 Weeks - $2500 (Basic)

4 Weeks - $3150

5 Weeks - $3750

6 Weeks - $4350 (Advanced)

Prices include our Training Essentials Equipment Package!

Day School

Enjoy the benefits of a Board and Train program without being away from your dog for days or weeks at a time! With our Day School option, you get to bring your dog home each night and will have guided training homework.

3 Weeks - $2000

4 Weeks - $2450

5 Weeks - $2950

6 Weeks - $3300

Prices include our Training Essentials Equipment Package


Private Lessons

Work hands on with your dog and learn from one of our certified Canine Training and Behavior Specialists how to achieve your dog training goals. We have developed proven obedience techniques and the knowledge and experience to teach numerous specialty skills. 

One-on-One Coaching - $100 / 1hr

        10 Sessions - $950

In-Home Training - $150 / 1hr + Travel*

Off-Site Training - $150 / 1hr + Travel*

Virtual Coaching Session - $60 / 1hr

1/2 Virtual Coaching Session - $40 / 30min

*Travel cost = $1.00 per mile 

Evaluation Services

We offer a variety of specialty services including evaluations. Every client's journey with us begins with a free training evaluation. If you are looking for something more specific, we have several options to choose from.

Initial Training Evaluation - FREE!

Behavioral Evaluation (30min) - $40

Protection Suitability Assessment - $30

Service Dog Suitability Assessment - $60

Adult Temperament Test (30min) - $60

Puppy Temperament Test (15min) - $15 per puppy

Giving a Hand

Sport Dog Training

Are you interested in the world of Canine Competitive Sports? We can help you get started or excel in many of the sport training fields we offer!

Novice Agility Session (30min) - $40

Advanced Agility Session (1hr) - $120

Scent Detection (1hr) - $100

Competitive Obedience (1hr) - $100

Protection Sport Training (1hr) - $120

Canine Fitness Session (30min) - $40

Advanced Fitness Session (1hr) - $100

Tests and Titles

Our experienced trainers are available to evaluate your dog for some of our most popular titles!

Canine Good Citizen Test - $20

AKC Trick Title - $20

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