Working Dog Radio


Ted Summers, Eric Stanbro, and Alesha Brandt

Ted has been involved in working K9’s for over a decade in various forms from retrievers, to hunting terriers to protection and police service dogs. His specialties are grip work and development, patrol and utility work and proper decoy work, detection training and K9 policy and procedure. Ted acts as the training director for our PSA club and is a certified trial decoy. Ted teaches our decoy and handler schools and our SWAT/SORT integration seminars as well as our decoy camp for police service trainers and handlers and does numerous camps for military special operations. Ted is also one of the co-hosts on Working Dog Radio.
Eric Stanbro has 15 years of experience training and handling the gamut of elite working dogs; from Naval Special Warfare Group 1 (SEALs) Multi-Purpose Canines, to hundreds of police K9s from all over the United States. Not only does he have first hand experience training working dogs, but as a 23-year veteran of law enforcement, he has first hand experience handling working dogs in these environments as well. He served as head trainer for the Canton PD K-9 unit, and the Police K9 Association from 2010-2018, and knows what it takes to ensure these teams are ready to preform at the highest level. That professional experience has helped Eric co-found High Risk Deployment, where he still continues to prepare law enforcement K9 teams for the real world, and hosts practical seminars across the country. Eric is also the founder and owner of VanEss K9, training everything from your family pet, to the elite K9 teams like single and dual purpose K9’s working the streets. In his spare time, Eric stays busy as a co-host for the Working Dog Radio podcast, interviewing trainers and handlers from all over the world.
Also known as the Muzzle Mavin. She does more than paint. She’s also an accomplished trainer in her own right. Her personal dog, Static, is a human remains dog and the male model for Working Dog Dry Goods. She’s also attended several seminars and decoy camps and schools and is no stranger to a suit. She’s also our head “heckler in charge” during decoy schools.