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Info Every Dog Trainer Should Know


William Garrido

This book is a compilation of Will's most informative articles he wrote on his blog and physical, local publications. It's organized in categories, cleared of all ads, and therefore much easier to access. As a warning, I'd like to remind you this book is raw and unapologetic. INSIDE THE BOOK: *DOG TRAINING CAREER -So you want to be a dog trainer. Read this first -How to choose the right dog training school -What the forever student needs to know -Balanced vs. Force Free (Unbiased) -Balanced vs. Force Free. Pt 2 -Easy ways to get clients -One thing that can make you a better dog trainer -4 reasons why they wont do business with you -How to shortcut behavior modification * AVOIDING BURNOUT -Avoiding burnout while training dogs -How to become a better dog trainer -6 strategies to help you maximize your time -How to motivate yourself day after day -If you're not having fun, stop training ...And much more.

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