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These are the new official NADD bumpers for Hydrodash and Air Retrieve! These strong and durable firehose bumpers are designed specifically to address the safety concerns from other manufacturers’ bumpers. The firehose design is softer and safer for your dog and uses an all-natural rubber core to prevent bowing and keep the bumper in shape for seasons to come. 


This bumper adheres to NADD’s strict safety and manufacturing standards, and is legal to use in NADD competitions. With improved durability over the previous NADD-sanctioned option, we’re expecting you to get significantly more use out of each bumper, saving you money. 


Both Standard and lap dog sizes are available to fit your pup’s mouth. Built with no metal and no squeakers this a safe, strong, and durable bumper.


To ease the transition from the previous bumpers to the new official Atlas Outfitters design, facilities will have a 6 month transition period, starting at the beginning of the 2024 season (9/14/2023) and must start using them by March 1, 2024. During this time, facilities can purchase and start to use the new bumpers. Facilities must choose which bumper they are going to use at their event (must pick either old or new style for each event) and must post it in the details section of their event so competitors can make an educated choice when entering AR & HD. Because of the timing of the new release, this bumper will not be used at regionals or nationals until 2024.


Easy to clean and machine washable!

Anti-microbial - It won't stink! 

Heavy Duty and Durable! 


WARNING: Always supervise your pet when playing with pet toys. These products are intended for training purposes only and are not a chew toy or to be left with your dog unattended.


Made in the USA! 🇺🇸

New Official NADD Dock Diving Bumper for Air Retrieve

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Standard Bumper
    Length: 14"
    Width: 2"
    Weight: 9 oz