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Obedience Skills and Training

Helping You Help Your Dog

Basic Obedience

Our basic level of obedience involves your dog learning the basic commands that you can use to improve your daily lives together. We expect our dogs to follow commands the first time and everytime they are given. Our training methods are designed to teach your dog to want to work for you.  We use simple techniques that can be applied by anyone.  Our training specialists have worked tirelessly on perfecting these methods and have developed programs to pass these skills onto our clients.

During our obedience program we will address common issues such as

  • Leash pulling

  • Jumping

  • Door Rushing

  • Distractions

  • And More!

We will work with your dog on at least loose leash walking, sit, down, place, and coming when called.


Intermediate, Advanced and Off-Leash Obedience

You know that your dog is smart, maybe even smarter than other dogs. If you want to push your dog and strive for a higher level of training education, we can help! In our intermediate and advanced levels of obedience training, we focus on consistency and your dog's ability to follow commands regardless of the "THREE D's" Distance, Distraction, and Duration.  


Once you've taught your dog the basic commands, now we will push our dogs to follow commands while their handler is over 30' away or even out of sight. Once you have taught your dog a sit-stay or a place-stay, now we will teach them to hold it for over 10 minutes or more!

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