Day School

Want your dog to be fully immersed in training and get all of the benefits of a board and train program, but can't stand the thought of being away from your dog for weeks on end? Day school provides a unique opportunity to get the best of both worlds. Drop off your dog in the morning at our training facility, and pick up your pup in the evening! We have convenient drop-off and pick-up hours to fit your schedule.  During their stay, your dog will learn potty training, crate training, obedience, and socialization. Our canine training and behavior specialists can even address undesireable behaviors during this program such as chewing, digging, barking, and jumping.

Individual Day School:        1 Day -  $115

Beginners Program:            5 Days - $550

Basic Program:                  10 Days - $1100

Intermediate Program:     20 Days - $2000

Add-a-week:           add-on 5 Days - $475* (You can add 5 days of school to any 20+ Day program or package!)