Meet The Team

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Ashley Jacobson

Training Director

Ashley Jacobson is a 10-year Army veteran who spent the majority of her military career at Fort Bragg, NC. After concluding her career in 2019, Ashley decided to make a career of her lifelong passion in Dog Training! 


Ashley had volunteered for nearly a decade with local animal rescues and foster programs training adoptable dogs for their future forever homes! She spent much of her free time training rescue dogs as well as her personal dogs!


After separating from the military, Ashley decided to become a professional dog trainer by first attending the prestigious Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers. Once she completed the rigorous 12-week Canine Training and Behavior Specialist Certification Program, she decided to start the Airborne K9 Dog Training and Behavior Center!


Ashley has dedicated her life to improving the lives of every dog that comes through our doors. She is constantly focused on improving her own dog training education, as well as the eduction of the Airborne K9 Training Department, so that they can pass that knowledge onto our clients!


Ashley and her personal dogs have earned countless titles in Obedience, Rally Obedience, Trick Titles, Herding, and others. Her newest endeavor in getting involved in the highly competitive Protection Sports Association

Ashley continues to learn more about all aspects of dog training everyday, attends seminars, classes, and works with some of the most notable trainers in the country to be able to pass on the most effective and proven training to her clients.


Ashley earned an Associates Degree in Applied Scient from Cochise College, a Bachelor's of Arts from the University of Massachusestts, Amherst, and a Master's Degree from the American Military University. 


Spencer Kabakjian

Senior Trainer

Spencer Kabakjian is originally from Massachusetts, where he received a degree in Kinesiology.  After getting married in 2016, he decided to follow his passion of training dogs and moved to St Louis, MO to attend The Tom Rose School for professional dog trainers.


While studying at school, Spencer was invited to stay for the Rose Scholar Program.  After going through the program, Spencer accepted a position as a trainer in a facility in Minnesota, where he helped build their training program.


Ready for warmer weather and to be a part of competitive dog sports, Spencer is excited to be a part of the Airborne team. He has a strong desire to help dogs be the best they can be and help educate their owners and give them the tools they need for a happy, well trained dog.


Spencer has two dogs: Romeo, a Cane Corso who is ready to get into protection work and start earning titles, and Zavri, a German Shepherd who is a high-energy mama’s girl who loves being a pet and going on hikes.


Tatiana Courtney


Training Assistant

Originally from New York City, T is a self-taught training assistant who found Airborne K9 in search of hands on experience and apprenticeship with local professionals. Thrilled to be a part of the Airborne team, T has been learning from Ashley and Spencer to improve her handling and help dogs learn their new skills, too!


While training as a professional martial artist and partial owner of her family's former business, T learned to be a balanced and fair mentor and took a liking to instructing youth karate classes.


Her fondness for teaching led her to pursue a career in childcare where she focused mainly on infant care and cognitive development. Through these experiences, T believes she has gained the patience, discipline, and passion to transfer her focus to a career in dog training.


She first fell in love with dogs when she and her boyfriend decided to foster a Kelpie mix named Sage. After giving Sage to her forever home, T decided she was ready for a dog she could truly call her own. Now, almost 7 months later, she and her puppy Milo are working to perfect his obedience and training towards a Canine Good Citizen title.